ArTES Magnet Student Earns Perfect Score on AP Test

Former ArTES Magnet student Jessica Gonzalez ('22) earned a perfect score on a college-level Advanced Placement Exam in the spring of 2022.

Out of tens of thousands of students who took the test, Jessica was one of only 343 students across the world to earn every point possible on the AP Drawing Exam. Her AP Portfolio investigated the question "Why am I so frustrated when I can't remember things?" a direct response to the impact of the pandemic, COVID-19-induced brain fog, and the challenges of growing up in an increasingly digital world.

Her art teacher, Jess Perry-Martin, describes the work as thoughtful, personal, and playful, demonstrating her artistic skills, experimentation with materials and processes, and her research into family memories as sites of knowledge.

"Jessica's portfolio exemplifies many of our students' talent and hard work," said Principal Anne Maschler. "We are so thrilled that these talents are being recognized on a wider scale."

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