Early Childhood Education

Our mission is to provide a high quality early education program to maximize school readiness.

With numerous options available, families have the choice of a program that best fits the needs of their student.
We offer Early Education Centers, California State Preschool Programs, and Universal Transition Kindergarten.

Early Education Centers

Early Education Centers are high quality developmentally appropriate preschool programs that address the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of the population served. The mission and beliefs of ECED outlines a commitment and responsibility to the diverse cultural and linguistic needs of children and families.

California State Preschool Programs

The California State Preschool Program Part-Day (CSPP Part-Day) is a three-hour educational program for children ages three and four years old, with priority given to four year olds. These programs are located at elementary schools. The CSPP Part-Day Program provides personalized learning experiences before children enter kindergarten.

Universal Transition Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is year one of a two year Kindergarten program. TK provides an early childhood education program that builds a bridge between preschool years and traditional Kindergarten. With increasing academic demands and structure in Kindergarten, some children may not be ready for traditional Kindergarten.

We also provide specialized programs to provide students with expanded opportunities and ensure individualized needs are met.
We offer dual language programs, social-emotional offerings, Nature Explore Classrooms, and STEAM programs.

Dual Language Programs

The Dual Language program is a split day model (50% Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Armenian; 50% English–mornings all Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Armenian, afternoons all English). The teachers maintain the target language following the 50/50 model and “switch” at half day. There is a thematic connection across the Spanish/Korean/Mandarin/Armenian, and English portions of the curriculum, with intentional planning about what will be done in which language.

Social-Emotional Offerings

Our social-emotional program collaborates with LAUSD School Mental Health (SMH) and Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW) to support student social emotional learning and school readiness. The program includes Trauma & Resilience Informed Early Enrichment Program, Reopening- Social Emotional Support for Transitions, Tuning into your Child, Building Healthy Relationships, Self-Care, Basic Needs Resources, The Importance of Routines, Developmental Milestones, and Supporting Grieving Children.

Nature Explore Classrooms

Certified Nature Explore Classrooms (NEC) may look like simple outdoor play areas but are much more than that. NECs are actually research-based outdoor areas that are specifically designed to be nurturing and calming places of learning. NECs are a place for students to collaborate with peers, participate in a shared exploration of nature, self-regulate, develop critical thinking skills,  work on receptive and expressive language, and just have fun. NECs are a wonderful park-like setting that welcomes young learners to a safe environment that stimulates their love for learning.  

STEAM Programs

STEAM programs incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into the daily Creative Curriculum Preschool lessons. Students are given age-appropriate opportunities to engage in problem solving, study-investigations, and real-world applications. In the process, students discover different ways to find solutions which develops critical thinking, collaboration, and communication among peers and adults as they are fully engaged. Our students are learning 21st century skills and school readiness skills in a fun, interactive, and motivating way.

We will ensure all students have a right to a developmentally appropriate and challenging educational program that integrates learning opportunities with high expectations.

We value and respect all languages and cultures of our students, parents, staff, and communities and believe they are essential to student success.

We collaborate so all stakeholders are committed to high standards.

We are focused on training to ensure that staff are equipped to implement quality early education programs that is nurturing.

We believe in continual quality professional development for all staff is vital for high standards of teaching and learning.

We encourage parental involvement and nurturing adults as it is critical for children’s academic success and must be included as full partners in their children’s education.

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